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Welcome to my
Maternity Care Practice!


birth doula & fertility coach


Hi! My name is Lauren Crum, I am a trained birth doula & fertility/hormones coach! My mission is to support women from preconception to postpartum through fertility & birth services. My goal is to bring awareness to what birth can be like and to empower my clients to know that they have options. A major focus is to provide education so that you can make decisions from a place of empowerment rather than fear. My hope is that women can believe that having support from a team of people in their deliveries is a real possibility. Let’s change the way we view birth!

Xo, Lauren Crum


Founder, The Guided Connections

About Me

Fertility Coaching

prenatal support

I specialize in helping women struggling with infertility to rebalance hormones, regulate cycles, reset the nervous system, & prepare their bodies for pregnancy. We focus on digging deeper into underlying imbalances in the body that are interfering with your ability to conceive. Infertility is a symptom that has a root cause!

Fertility Coaching

Birth Doula

labor & delivery support

My goal is to provide holistic care for women in order to empower them to confidently navigate the unknowns of labor/delivery. To provide physical support that encourages labor progression while ensuring mom feels emotionally connected and safe. To provide education that allows my clients to feel comfortable advocating for themselves and their baby. To connect back with themselves and to enjoy the sacredness of this beautiful process.

Birth Doula

"Against all odds my wife was able to deliver our son vaginally and I am 100% certain that was because of Lauren."

Dan Cutler

"Because of her I was able to find the confidence in myself to trust my body and the process of

giving birth."

Emily Lowry

"We will forever be grateful for her thoughtful and caring guidance and cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone looking for a positive birth experience.

Ben Lowry

Birth Testimonials

Hear from other Indiana parents!

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